“The times, they are a’changing”

I am part of a system that is broken and ineffective.  This is not to say that all of the partipants in the system are ineffective, but the system itself is.  This thought-provoking video makes me question what we teachers are doing.  Where do we go from here?

How can we change if no one takes responsibility and shows us how to change and gives us the financial means we need to change in order to be effective?


2 Responses to ““The times, they are a’changing””

  1. clnelson Says:

    Hey did you see the Doonesbury cartoon from today? I just bloed about its similarities to this video just today over on TechnoTuesday.edublogs.org

    LOL–this video is really making the circuits.

  2. John Woodring Says:

    I showed this video in my podcasting course and we discussed afterwards. One media specialist in the class said there were many media specialists who did not like this video because it attacked them. Interesting concept. At least it is provoking some thinking and discussion.

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