Poster Presentations

We presented our posters in a library and information science class yesterday.  My group’s topic was “Using Social Tools to Make Your School Library Cool.”  We focused on blogs, wikis, and podcasting.  Each can serve to involve students with information services in our schools.

Joyce Valenza’s article in the April 2007 issue of Information Today ( was an inspiration to me!  If we as educators use the tools that students are most comfortable with, they will more than willingly try to learn something new. 

Of course, there are stumbling blocks.  Schools often block sites that educators would need to use for blogs and wikis.  But even the National School Boards Association has recommended that the power of social networking be harnessed for educational purposes.  (See their report – which has interesting statistics – at ).


2 Responses to “Poster Presentations”

  1. Ryan Bretag Says:

    If at all possible, the challenge of blocked sites is to work with the IT department on setting up a server specifically for such tools. With WordPressMU, the techie people (surely not me) can download WordPress and create an in-house system.

    This is also where LMS become so critical. Moodle is wonderful because of the price and ability to conform it to your needs. However, some districts are doing amazing things with Blackboard once the investment is there.

    In other words, turning these concerns into goals is key and it sounds like you are doing that through your poster presentations.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. John Woodring Says:

    I am always fighting this battle too. However, if you prove you are not going to bring down the network, then the IT people will eventually learn to trust you. Make sure to inform them why you need sites unblocked. Good luck.

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