Flip Video

Our newest “toy”(http://www.theflip.com/) arrived Tuesday afternoon, so did not get to play with it much before the end of the school day.  The other media specialist at my school took it home to play with over the holiday, so I’ll have to share my thoughts on it next week.

I had first heard about this digital video camera through a social studies teacher at my school who had met someone at a conference who was using it with his students to videotape interviews with World War II veterans.  Fran A (my social studies teacher) was so impressed with the quality of this teacher’s work that she suggested we invest in one.

After a little research and talking with John Woodring (http://teacherbytes.blogspot.com/) who had purchased one for his wife, we took the plunge.  Can’t wait to play with it and share some videos.


One Response to “Flip Video”

  1. Cathy Nelson Says:

    Hey Im anxious to hear your review too. We just bought one st school too, along with a Sony handycam for me since I wanted a dv minicam, and I let another teacher take it home over the holidays. WHo will I hear from first, you or him?

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