Update on Flip Video

Last month, our media center purchased a Flip Video Ultra camcorder.  One of our social studies teachers had been to a conference where she had discussed her project of videotaping interviews with WWII veterans in our area.  She met another social studies teacher who was doing a similar project.

His students had been using the Flip Video camera and its editing software to create their final interview pieces.  These pieces looked impressive, so Mrs. A returned to school and shared the information with me.  The affordable price of these little camcorders and her information convinced us to purchase one.

The camcorder is small and easy to use and the quality of the video it captures is good.  However, the accompanying software leaves much to be desired.  It has frozen on me too many times to even be successful in transferring video to my computer from the camera, much less to work with the built in editing tool. 

We will not be purchasing another of these cameras due to the faulty software, but we will use the camera as we can import the video to a computer using Windows Media Player. 

I know that John Woodring has had success with this camera.  I hope that others will, too.


One Response to “Update on Flip Video”

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