iPod Touch

Christmas came early today!  I had decided it was time to jump into the iPod world and spent some time searching for the iPod that would suit my needs.  I decided on an iPod Touch 8 GB.  Not only can I listen to music and podcasts, but I can also surf the Internet through a WiFi connection and watch videos and store pictures on this thinner than thin device.  We also bought a cover and Bose earbuds based on some consumer reviews I read online.

I downloaded the latest iTunes software, converted the music on my laptop to .wma files, and then synced the music on my laptop with my iPod. 

I’ve downloaded the manual from iTunes and need to read through it to take full advantage of this wonderful device.  I have been listening to Seedlings Bit by Bit from this morning.   I am amazed.  Amazed that this tiny device can connect me with the world.  Listening to Alice, Bob, Cheryl, and Vicki discuss Facebook makes me feel like I am sitting in the room with them.

Technology rocks!


One Response to “iPod Touch”

  1. kris.eliz Says:

    i definitely must say that the ipod touch looks like it rocks. might have to consider that over the ipod classic. glad you enjoy yours.

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