Look, boys and girls! A new Google application!

Well, not really.  But it’s either use the “G” word or tell them that they absolutely, positively cannot use a site to get them to want to use it.

I’ve spent parts of the last four days at work putting together book orders.  I found two sources my English teachers and students will love and have ordered not only print copies, but also the ebooks.  For most of today’s media specialists, this is probably no big deal.  But these are my LMC’s first ebooks, so I am excited to be a part of bringing my LMC into the 21st century!

Once I have them downloaded and have them available for access, I will have to convince my students to use them.  We have some excellent databases available to us that students have to be forced to use.  If it doesn’t say “Google,” they don’t seem to think it is worth their time.  Once I twist their arms and have them actually searching through a database on DISCUS, students find that I haven’t been lying – these sources really ARE awesome!

How has Google managed to brainwash our students into believing that the “G” way is the only way to research?


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