Graphics Generators

This cool little graphic was created using Image Chef.  Very simple for this Web 2.0 Newbie to use!  Choose a template from the wide variety available, type in your message, then create a widget to post to your blog.  You can have Image Chef post the widget for you, or you can copy and paste the html yourself.

I’ve used graphic generators to “pimp” my Myspace page before, but had not considered their incorporation into the classroom.  Several of my Spanish teachers have students create PowerPoint slideshows as a final product for a country research project. These slideshows tend to be text heavy, lowering their effectiveness as a teaching tool. 

But using Image Chef, students can create graphics using the flags of their countries that they can add to their slideshows.  Because the text size is large, only a limited amount of text can be placed on each image – forcing students to condense text.

For example, here is the flag of Cuba with its population emblazoned across it. 


If teachers don’t wish to try new tools, as a LMS, you can introduce new tools to the students and have them incorporate them into those ubiquitous slideshows. 

How have other educators incorporated use of grahics generators into the classroom?


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Image Chef. 2008. Image Chef, Inc. 3 Apr. 2008

Calvin College Hekman Library openURL resolver

One Response to “Graphics Generators”

  1. mozey Says:

    Sounds like nifty stuff, and MUCH needed since the recent MEME explosion.

    I love the concept, BUT, i disagree with the overwhelming amount of options. It should be MUCH simpler and ever evolving. It SEEMS that someone though of the idea and paid contractor to get it done.

    WIth these types of project, you really need to start simple, get feedback, develop more, delete features, add new ones. etc!.

    I’ll bet you LOTS of money that FEW of those features are getting used and the rest arn’t!.

    None the less, very exciting, thanks for sharing.

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