Encyclopedia Brittanica

I admit I was a bit skeptical when I first read Joyce Valenza’s column about Encyclopedia Brittanica  offering a free one year subscription to publishers of web content. Come on, free?  What’s the catch?

In her article, Joyce stated:

          “I am however hoping that Britannica will define blogger and Web publisher broadly enough to  include most blogging teachers, as well as learners.”

Okay, so maybe it’s not free to all publishers of web content.  I know that my little blog is as inconspicuous as possible so I thought, “Hmmm….if I qualify for this offer, then anyone can.”  So off my little email request went into cyberspace and I waited for a response.  Within one day, I had an email welcoming me to the service. 

I followed the email’s directions and entered my passcode.  Free, right?  Uh-oh.  Why am I being given a standard form to complete (including my name and address)?  This looked very suspicious, not unlike many of the scams I’ve seen before for “free” services. I was just waiting to be asked  for a  credit card number.  If that had happened, this post would have taken a different tone.  Luckily, no credit card was required for a free year (imagine that) so I completed the registration and had to give my subscription a spin.

The purpose of this post is twofold:  one, to inform those who were unaware of the offer that it does indeed exist even for mild-mannered library media specialists, and two, to try out the linking capability.

This blog is mainly about my journey into the Web 2.0 world, so that has to be my first link to Encyclopedia Brittanica ‘s wealth of information.  Clicking on this hyperlink should take the reader to the entry on Web 2.0. 

If this works, my mind is boggled (okay, not a hard thing to do these days) at the possibilities this holds.

But, it also takes me back to the idea of “What’s the catch?”  Will those who click on the links be bombarded with spam?  If you’re reading this and notice your inbox is full of junk, I apologize.  PLEASE let me know so that I can disconnect the link and mark this up as another scam.


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