My Top 10 Web Tools

Webware 100 Winners 2008


The Webware 100 Top Web Apps was recenlty released.  Many of these I have never heard of, much less used (EtsyiLike, Kayak, iwantSandy, DeviantART).  But looking over the list got me to thinking.  What tools do I use most often? Nowhere near 100, so here’s my own top ten list:

1.  iGoogle

2.  Gmail

3.  Google search

4.  Google Reader

5. Twitter (Be Twittered on my iGoogle page)

6.  WordPress

7. (also trying out diigo)

8.  educational podcasts for professional development

9. Librarything (also trying out Shelfari)

10. Blackboard (I am a graduate student and the University of South Carolina uses this tool for our classes)

I want (and need) to expand my list of tools in order to find those that can help my teachers and students.  What web tools help you in your professional or personal lives?


One Response to “My Top 10 Web Tools”

  1. Julianne Kaye Says:

    I use blogger and bloglines daily for both personal and professional uses.

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