Flip Video Revisited

Chris Pirillo recently discussed the Flip Ultra in this youtube video.

 Push came to shove last week when we discovered our media center’s digital videocamera was unusable.  I pulled out the Flip Video camera to film the English III Jazz Age Literature classes’ presentations.

The camera captured the presentations well, as I expected it would.  However, I was reluctant to use the camera’s software after having little success with it last winter.  I had downloaded an upgrade to the software on my personal laptop, but hadn’t asked to do so on my desktop at school.  I brought the camera home, uploaded the video clips onto my laptop, and saved them with no problem. 

The software fix solved the problems I had with the program freezing up and it performed beautifully.  I am impressed with the email and greeting card capabilities the software offers and used them to share a clip of my three-month-old grandson laughing.

I am now a convert of the Flip Video and will get the software fix downloaded onto my school desktop so that students and teachers can make use of this little gem.


2 Responses to “Flip Video Revisited”

  1. Adam Says:


    Are you able to post any of the presentations? Would love to see what they were doing and how they came out with the camera…


  2. Fran Says:

    I can ask the teacher who is part of the presentation if I could post just the portion of the video featuring her; I don’t have permission to post the videos of the students.

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