“Watch. Read. Succeed.”

This is the slogan for myrocketbook.com, a promising site for students (and teachers) of literature.  The site presents Video Study Guides for many classic works of literature including The Crucible, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, and Macbeth.

Here is the description from the site’s home page:

     Rocketbooks are video study guides that provide summaries and detailed analyses of literary works. Our WikiNotes section offers a new user experience allowing fresh viewpoints and expressions from today’s students, educators, and literature enthusiasts to bring these classic works to life.

Advertisements are interspersed among the various segments for each piece of literature,  but the material myrocketbook.com offers is worth the wait.  Each work of literature is broken down into segments (chapters, acts and scenes).  The site provides a summary, analysis, and quiz for each of the segments.

Using these guides is NO substitute for reading the literature, but the use of this supplement can increase comprehension of each work. Video which incorporates a narrator and illustrations can clarify portions of a text that students found difficult.

The website is offering free MP3 downloads of many of the study guides for a limited time. Downloads for the PDF versions of each study guide are also offered.

Check out the guides to The Great Gatsby, Beowulf, and Othello.  This site is bookmark-worthy.

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