Podcasting with GCast

 I am a a graduate student at the University of South Carolina  where I am pursuing my Master’s of Library Science.  As part of the SLIS761 course I am taking this summer, I have to write five blog entries using the Blackboard service.

Two of the entries must be about Web 2.0 tools and my first will share the GCast service.  Using my cell phone, I recorded this brief little podcast.  I am amazed at the clarity of the recorded voice, although the intro royalty free music that I played through the speakers of my laptop leaves a lot to be desired. To hear this quick little test, click on this link (WordPress would not let me embed the player into this post): 

Testing the GCast Service (July 13, 2008 phone call)

To get started with GCast, go to www.gcast.com.  When you go to sign up for a free account, you are asked for an email address, your zip code, your country, a password, and the screen name you wish to have publicly displayed (which must be less than 15 characters with no spaces).  Read the “user agreement” and then click “I Agree, create my account.”

The account will be created, and then you will be asked to create a Podcast Title, a description, and to upload a podcast photo (you can skip this step to skip ahead and configure your account to record by phone).

The final step in creating your account is to enter a 10 digit phone number (the one you will most often use to record your podcasts – but you can record from other numbers) and a 4 digit PIN number.  That’s it! 

You are now ready to record and post your first podcast.  It can’t get any easier than that! 

Imagine how simple it would be to allow students to record projects and have them posted to the web within minutes!  Although my district does not allow cell phones to be used inside the building during the school day, I believe the administration could see the educational value of this and  make an exception.

Podcasting logo by Dave Gray


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