Google Enters the Wiki World through a Back Door

Google acquired Jotspot and in February of this year, launched Google Sites. Although those who are familiar with creating wikis will immediately recognize Google Sites as wiki-like, Google decided not to use the term “wiki” to describe this application.

So what does this mean for educators?  We now have another choice in wiki services, although the service is not promoted as a wiki.  Other popular wiki hosting sites, wikispaces, pbwiki, wetpaint, now have to contend with the ever-growing Google machine.

With so many wiki hosting sites available, how can you find the one that best suits your needs?  You might try WikiMatrix which offers a Wiki Choice Wizard.  You answer a few questions and WikiMatrix reveals the services that will meet your needs.  You can also use their Compare feature and choose from a long list of wikis (Google Sites NOT included) and see a side by side comparison of features.

Why should educators use wikis?  A Google search with the words “wiki,” “uses,” and “education” turned up 78,500,000 hits, so there is no lack of information to answer that question.

So the next question?  Why should YOU use a wiki for your classroom or library media center?  Answers are requested!


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