Musical Mashup Contest


I just stumbled upon the  LibraryStream blog written by Steven Campion and feel like I hit the jackpot with his July 15, 2008, post entitled “Musical Tag Clouds:  A New Game?”


Campion proposes a solid gold idea:  have teens compete in a Musical Tag Cloud game.  First, students would choose a song (you could even give categories) that was school appropriate and then enter its lyrics into wordle to create a tag cloud.  These can be posted to the library’s flickr site or printed out and displayed.  The rest of the contest would consist of setting a time period in which participants could identify the tag clouds, and then naming a champion – prize to be determined.


To get you started, Campion has created a set of 18 Musical Tag Clouds and posted it here.


Of course, this contest can be adapted in a variety of ways – you are only limited by your imagination!

How about:

  • a banned books tag cloud
  • a YA authors tag cloud
  • a state or national book award list cloud
  • a cloud of teachers’ names in your school
  • a cloud of the seniors’ first names
  • a cloud of new titles in your collection

Whatever you choose, you have instant art that you can display in your media center.


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