New (to me) Resource

A fellow graduate student in my SLIS J757 class at USC shared this link in a message to the listserv today. 

RHI: An Annual Magazine for Educators

Although this is the first issue I have seen, Random House has just published the third annual issue.   I have downloaded the 112 page publication and quickly browsed through it.  Of course, since it is published by Random House, you will find their products being pushed, but the magazine has some terrific articles making this worthwhile reading for teachers and library media specialists.

The focus of this issue is on reluctant readers.  Articles include:

“Ten Ways to Build a Reluctant Reader Library”

“You Got Any More of These? Re-engaging Adolescent Readers and Writers with Meaningful Texts”

“Winning Back Your Reluctant Readers”

“Fantasy:  Why in the World Do Kids Read This Stuff?”  an article by Terry Brooks

One of the joys of being a library media specialist for me is connecting a reader with the right book and having them come back and request more “just like that one!”


One Response to “New (to me) Resource”

  1. KK Says:

    Thank you for sharing this tool. It is now “new to me too”. I am so appreciative for your blog.

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