Teen Read Week 2008


The week of October 12-18, 2008, librarians, media specialists, and teens will be celebrating YALSA’s Teen Read Week.  The theme this year is Books with Bite which ties in with the wildly popular Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

The life of a media specialist is anything but calm and relaxed, so up until the last few days, I hadn’t even toyed with the idea of activities our media center could sponsor.  Today I have been compiling ideas and creating a web page to promote Teen Read Week.

I have found a few ideas available on the Internet that I thought I would share with others who, like me, haven’t been planning for this event for months.  (There is bound to be at least one or two others out there, right?)

YALSA’s Teen Read Week site – An obvious starting point.  Discover how to let your teens vote for the 2008 Teens’ Top Ten list and the 2009 Teen Read Week Theme.  Download the 2008 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations as well as find ideas about how to promote this contest. You can also download three PSAs to play over your school’s intercom.

Movie Trailers- Two N.Y. Times best selling novels that have been made into movies premier this fall.  Let your students watch the trailers for Twilight  and The Secret Life of Bees (this trailer has an advertisment added to the beginning). Organize outings for your book clubs to go to each premier.

Free Movie Entertainment Magazine Online – “Watch and download free horror and Sci-fi movies” at this site, including Night of the Living Dead, a 1968 classic.

Programming Ideas:

  • Mission Possible:  Spy a Book! Adriana Flores and Victor Schill have created a 20 page guide that provides eight detailed mystery related programs for young adults.  Excellent guide!
  •  List of Program Topics –  This document contains a long list of programming idea topics, some which may be suitable to adapt for your library or media center.  If nothing else, skimming through the list might spark other ideas you can use for this week or later.

Other ideas:

  • Identify this Young Adult Author!  Print five pictures of young adult authors and display one each day of the week.  If students can correctly identify the author, they can enter their name in a drawing for a book by that author.
  • Fill a jar with bite-sized candies and let students guess the number of candies.  The one closest to the actual amount without going over wins the jar of candies.
  • Creatures of the Night Trivia Contest.  Have trivia questions that can be answered using reference books or databases read over the intercom.  Students who correctly identify the answer and list the source enter their names in a drawing for movie tickets.
  • Distribute “Get Caught Reading” coupons to teachers.  Teachers will distribute them to students they catch reading outside of class.  These students should bring their coupons to the media center on Friday to exchange them for a treat.
  • Ask teachers to submit the title of their favorite book read as a teenager.  Create a display of these titles or ask students to match teachers and titles.
  • Ask students to write a book review to be posted in the library.  Students who submit book reviews are rewarded with bite-sized candy.
  • Check out the Fur vs. Fang competition sponsored by the Carrollton Public Library.  Awesome idea!
  • Favorite Bite – South Park High School in South Park, Pennsylvania, is having students write the title of their favorite book with bite on an apple that will be posted on the library’s doors. (From YALSA Teen Read Week Wiki.)
  • Twilight Family Feud pits the Cullen family against the Quileute family at the Tuscaloosa Public Library. (Also from YALSA Teen Read Week Wiki.)

Printables to spark creativity:

Image attribution: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61407047@N00/1784382224


One Response to “Teen Read Week 2008”

  1. theunquietlibrary Says:

    Great ideas! Thank you for compiling your list of wonderful activities and resources! We have a library conference this week, so we feel your pain….way too much going on in one week. 🙂

    We are doing a book display of “books with bite”, and we have been posting the Readergirlz materials on our blog for the “Night Bites” events this week (http://theunquietlibrary.wordpress.com/2008/10/12/rgz-tv-night-bites-for-teen-read-week/ and http://theunquietlibrary.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/save-the-date-night-bites-and-teen-read-week-october-12-18/ ). We also have pulled books by the featured authors for “Night Bites” week for students to browse and check out. We will also be providing cookies and other “bite sized” goodies for students to enjoy; our book club students will also be bringing in treats, too.


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