Dean Koontz Video Blog

My favorite author – hands down – is Dean Koontz.  He is a master of characterization and storytelling. 

Imagine my joy today when I opened an email from Barnes and Noble and found out that Koontz’s newest novel Your Heart Belongs to Me was released today!  Yes! 

Now, multiply that joy by, ummm, about 1000 times.  Dean Koontz has a video blog on the Barnes and Noble site where he answers fans’ questions.  I knew he had to have a great sense of humor from the wonderful characters like Odd Thomas that he has created.  To watch him talk about books and characters that have brought me such pleasure must be like what teens feel about watching their favorite actor discuss a recent movie and role on a show such as Entertainment Tonight.


3 Responses to “Dean Koontz Video Blog”

  1. Heather Loy Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about them, as I don’t frequent the B&N site. He also has podcasts (which I found in iTunes when Odd Thomas first came out) and can be found on his website: There are some videos there, too!

  2. Buffy Hamilton Says:

    Fabulous! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Ask Dean Koontz @BN Studio via YouTube « The Unquiet Library Says:

    […] by theunquietlibrary on November 27, 2008 Many thanks to fellow library blogger Informania with the heads up on this fabulous resource:  the Dean Koontz video blog at the Barnes and Noble […]

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