DISCUS on YouTube

DISCUS (Digital Information for South Carolina USers) is a service provided by the South Carolina State Library.  It is a free electronic library available 24/7.  Students can not only use it at school, but can also access it at home using a password provided by their media specialist or other librarian.

In the Google Age, students’ natural inclination when starting computer research is to search the WWW.  However, the information found is often inaccurate, incomplete, or biased.  Enter DISCUS.  Not only can students be guaranteed the information they find is accurate and authoritative, but they also can maximize their research time by using this resource. 

However, because the interface used is unfamiliar to them, students often abandon their DISCUS searches after just a few minutes.  They need to be taught how to use this valuable resource, and the first step is making them aware of its power.  This humorous video offers a quick introduction to DISCUS in a manner that teenagers will find interesting.

This video was created at the request of Carol Ross, library media specialist at Mayo High School for Math, Science, and Technology in Darlington, South Carolina.

The SC State Library has also created and posted DISCUS instructional videos on YouTube.
Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Responses to “DISCUS on YouTube”

  1. theunquietlibrary Says:

    This is AWESOME! I sent this to the person in charge of GALILEO today….I hope they will follow the lead of DISCUS!

  2. Carol Ross Says:

    Thank you for your positive comments, however, the video posted here is the older version of our instructional video. Some of the databases in DIscus have been changed and the video was edited. The revised video will soon be available on our school webpage @ http://www.mhsmst.com. Check it out!

  3. informania Says:

    Thanks, Carol! I will look forward to seeing the new video.

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