R U a Po Folk?

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I’m a Po Folk, r u? 

“Po folk” is poet Allan Wolf‘s term for those who have poet’s souls.  “No po”….well…self-explanatory.  So, if you’re a Po Folk,  this is your month to celebrate!  Try one  or more of these multimedia ways to bring poetry to life:



  • Listen to poems read by a variety of people (including Anthony Hopkins, James Earl Jones, Alyssa Milano, and N. Scott Momaday)
  • Listen to Gwendolyn Brooks’ explanation and reading of “We Real Cool” along with other poems found here

Web  2.0 Tools for Writing Your Own Poetry




Get your poetry fix on your cell phone:  www.poets.org/m

Enter your own poetry poster in the Free Verse Project sponsored by poets.org



One Response to “R U a Po Folk?”

  1. Pamela Villars Says:

    Never heard of “po folk” – I like it!

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