Another Po Folk* Resource

I found an interesting post  from Bright Ideas in my Google Reader this morning on Teacher’s TV.  The site is operated by Education Digital, an independent media consortium in London.  The site offers thousands of educational programs both online and on tv.

Since this is National Poetry Month, I thought I would focus on the resources the site offered on poetry.  One video, Resource Review -Secondary English, discussed three online resources and how they were used in the classrooom. One interesting one that was new to me is the BBC’s GCSE Bitesize – English – Poetry Slideshow.   


Although the concept of creating a slideshow with images to accompany the reading of a poem is not new, I found the teachers’ discussion to be interesting.  One teacher disliked how literal the images were – which could detract from the overall meaning of the poem.  Another disliked that only one line of a poem was displayed underneath an image; she would prefer that the entire poem be displayed on the side as the images were shown. 

The number of poems on the website is limited, but some include more than just the slideshow. “Dulce Et Decorum Est,” for example gives background information on World War I, helping to place it in context for students. 

A contest that combines celebrating National School Library Month and National Poetry Month idea:  students create slideshows using Photostory that can be shown during the last week in April. 


* Po folk = poetry folk, those with poetry in their souls


One Response to “Another Po Folk* Resource”

  1. Heather Loy Says:

    Thanks for sharing this one Fran. I hadn’t heard of TeacherTV yet and I look forward to exploring the site.

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