Save the Words!

save the words  certificate of adoption

The English language is growing by leaps and bounds with new words entering our vocabulary daily.  Unfortunately, some existing words are used less frequently (or not at all) because of this.

Enter  Visit this site and words bordering on extinction will literally call out to you. Click on any word to see its definition and its use in a sentence.

Sign up for a free account and save a word (or two or three).  I am now the proud parent of “pudify.”  Because I am often pudified when I stick my foot in my mouth, I decided to rescue this word.

I hope that my readers (all three of you) will step up to the plate and rescue a word from extinction.  Otherwise, I will be pudified that my attempt to bring light to this worthy cause failed.

I wish to thank “A Library by Any Other Name” for posting information on this site.


2 Responses to “Save the Words!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve adopted a word, but how do I get the certificate??

  2. Fran Bullington Says:

    It’s supposed to be emailed to you. I signed up to save another word just a few minutes ago but haven’t gotten my certificate yet.

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