Book Contest

In my last post, I announced a contest, the winnner of which receives the book of his/her choice from the list below.   To enter, complete this form by midnight EST, Dec. 30th.


Burkhardt, Ross M. Writing for Real:  Strategies for Engaging Adolescent Writers

Cornwell, Patricia Predator

Fletcher, Ralph What a Writer Needs

Grisham, John The Broker

King, Stephen The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Lane, Barry After the End:  Teaching and Learning Creative Revision

Patterson, James You’ve Been Warned

Plum-Ucci, Carol What Happened to Lani Garner (an autographed copy) *The link is to a paperback edition, but this is a hardback.

Strong, William Coaching Writing:  The Power of Guided Practice

Wilhelm, Jeffrey You Gotta BE the Book:  Reaching Engaged and Reflective Reading with Adolescents * The link is to a newer edition; this one was published in 1997.

Book Notes

All are in great shape.  The fiction titles are hardbacks while the nonfiction are paperbacks. AND, if you win and request a title not listed above that I own and still have not donated, I will be glad to substitute it.


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