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Filter Frustration

Have you ever found an awesome video on YouTube to share with your students only to have the school’s internet filtering software prevent it? Zamzar, a file conversion site, has long  been my “go-to” source to bypass the filtering frustration.  However, using Zamzar is not an instant fix for the problem; if I am at school when I wish to convert the video, I have to override the filter, and then several minutes can lapse between submitting the YouTube URL and downloading the converted video.

So today as I was going through this week’s shared bookmarks in my Classroom 2.0 group on Diigo, I found this gem shared by Judy Robinson that I can’t wait to try at school on Monday.  It promises to be a much quicker fix for filter frustration.

“Not only does SafeShare.TV remove distracting and offensive elements around YouTube videos, but it also allows you to crop videos before sharing them.”

To test the service, I went to my YouTube account and found a newly saved video in my Book Trailer Playlist.  I pasted the URL into the box on SafeShare.TV and was quickly rewarded with a new URL that does not reflect the book trailer’s origin (YouTube), prompting me to hope that this URL will not be blocked by my school district’s filter.

Above is a screenshot of the video on YouTube.  Compare that with the screen shot to the right of the same video as it appears in SafeShare.TV’s newly generated URL. Click on the link below to see the video in its new home.

Video Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that this will work at school!

What do you do to bypass the filtering software at your school to provide awesome educational content that is blocked for your students?

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One Response to “Safely Share YouTube Videos”

  1. shana donohue Says:

    I teach in a public school in Boston and YouTube is blocked. YouTube may have a lot of stuff on it we wouldn’t want our kids watching, but it also has A LOT of educational videos. I have downloaded videos from YouTube to bring to school, videos that teach my kids in 3 minutes what it would take me a few days to teach on the boring white board. And this says nothing of how it helped me get through graduate school Java Programming and Calculus!!

    I have set up a poll on my WordPress blog. Do you think YouTube should be blocked in schools?

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