Tech ‘n Treat

Addressing Burnout

We are nearly through the first quarter of the 2010-2011 school year in my school district.  As the end of the grading period nears, deadlines loom:  grades to be entered, reports to be filed, parent-teacher conferences to prepare for, yet more paperwork to be completed.  Teachers are stressed.

How cans school librarians help alleviate the stress classroom teachers are feeling as well as provide ways to ease some of it in the future?

Schedule Time Out

Why not plan an end-of-the-quarter event in your library?  Invite your staff to drop by during their planning periods or after school one day for a “Tech ‘n Treat.”  Play soothing music, provide refreshments, offer door prizes, and let teachers go “trick or treating.”

Set up stations throughout your library where your teachers will not only find a container filled with goodies, but also discover terrific ideas to incorporate technology into their lessons.  At one station, teachers can discover Flip Video cameras and examples of how they can be used to enhance student learning.  At another station, they’ll find an interactive Jeopardy game that could be used for unit reviews.  At still another, they can watch video “how-to” tutorials – choose a tool that would be helpful to your faculty and either create a tutorial or find one online.

And at another station, play an inspiring video.  One of my favorites is Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make.”  Here is an edited version which is more faculty friendly than the original.

Remind your teachers that they shape the future, one child at a time.  Remind your teachers that you value them. Remind your teachers that you are there to assist them.

If you were creating a Tech ‘n Treat for your faculty, what stations would you include?

Credit: The title of this blog post was borrowed from an upcoming meeting of the Media Specialists of Spartanburg County.

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Burning the Candle at Both Ends by Julianne Villaflor


4 Responses to “Tech ‘n Treat”

  1. Tamara Says:

    love this. I actually have a gadget petting zoo planned on the 28th with Flip cameras, Kindle, Playaways, digital cameras, cell phones, iPad, iPod, Mouse mischief, Senteo clockers, Polleverywhere, a web 2.0 tool at every computer and more for the different stations. Each station has an instruction sheet and ideas on how to use these tools in the classroom. I have a few door prizes and I have the entire day reserved in the library just for this so they can come anytime it is convenient. I am also sending the top ten reasons to attend, one a day starting tomorrow. I would love to share what I have if anyone is interested. Just email me.

  2. Fran Bullington Says:

    Gadget Petting Zoo -what a fantastic idea! Wow – you have a wide range of gadgets for your teachers to explore. Thanks for sharing these; I will definitely add a few to our Tech ‘n Treat.

    Your marketing idea is a winner, also. I’ll be emailing for more info!

  3. Heather Loy Says:

    LOVE these ideas. Would have been great for one of the teacher workdays this month (that way the library wouldn’t be closed for students/class use). Unfortunately, I won’t be present for either of the teacher workdays. 😦

    Fran, when you email @Tamara, please share! I’m thinking I could do something like this right before winter break – you know, the week of exams. OOOOhhh, or maybe right before Thanksgiving – call it a Let’s Talk Tech Turkey!?? Hmmm, will have to give it some more thought!

  4. Tamara Cox Says:

    I’ll email what I have so far and I also plan to write a blog post about it soon and share it all there if anyone else wants to look at it.
    My blog is
    I saw the petting zoo idea on an ALA or AASL conference webpage. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope that I get a good turn out. Love the Let’s talk tech turkey!

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