Book Wreath

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was the book wreath (pictured above) that my older daughter Mandy gave me.  She saw a similar wreath hanging in the home of one of her friends (Elizabeth Koon, school librarian at Abner Creek Academy in Duncan, South Carolina) and thought it would make the perfect gift for me.

What a great use for weeded books!  I picture a fundraiser next fall for the Bulldog Booklovers 🙂  Wreaths could be personalized for the recipient by using books from a particular Dewey range.
A search on YouTube brought several results:


What ways have you creatively used weeded books?


3 Responses to “Book Wreath”

  1. Cathy Jo Nelson Says:

    So very cool!!! I’m inspired!

  2. Marleah Augustine Says:

    The Nov 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping had an idea for making a table out of old encyclopedias. It’s on p. 96 if you have the issue – basically drilling a hole in a stack of encyclopedias and using a dowel to stabilize them, then attaching a wooden tabletop. I’m looking into making a couple for our library’s reading area.

    • Fran Bullington Says:


      Thank you for sharing. I will look for that issue once we return to school after the break. Sounds like a great idea!

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