Advocacy: School Library Newsletters


Planned:  monthly library newsletter to keep our school community abreast of library happenings and resources

Reality:  one, perhaps, two newsletters a year

Fix:  create a template that will simplify the process of creating the newsletter

Searching for Exemplars

Because I tend to be a perfectionist (I know, those of you who know me well are shocked), I wanted to locate some exceptional school library newsletters for inspiration.  I was surprised that my searches provided very few results, however, I did find several that provided me with food for thought as I worked on our template.

The first two examples are from slideshare allowing you to go through the entire newsletter if it is multiple pages.

To view two other newsletters, click on the links below.

Hillside Middle School Library Newsletter

The Dean Librazine

Widespread Problem?

Are other school librarians also having difficulty finding time to create a monthly/quarterly/once a semester newsletter?  Is that why my searches on Google and Libworm produced few results?  Or are school librarians just not posting the newsletters online?

As we advocate for our programs, we need to strive for transparency.  In today’s connected world, that means posting information online for our communities to see.

BSHS LMC Media Matters

Below is the January 2011 issue of BSHS LMC Media Matters. It still needs some tweaking, but if I were to try to perfect it anymore, it would go the way of past issues that I had every intention of finishing (but never did).

Please Share

If you know of any other online school library newsletters, could you post links to them in the comments section? 


4 Responses to “Advocacy: School Library Newsletters”

  1. The Unquiet Librarian Says:

    Hi Fran!

    I don’t do newsletters, but I do monthly reports (which ultimately makes the annual report easier). However, it is a significant challenge to finish these in a timely manner! I’m still fine tuning ways of staying on top of this task–always a work in progress!

    Thank you for spotlighting the resources you did in your post!

    Buffy Hamilton

    • Fran Bullington Says:

      And your monthly and annual reports are always chock full of interesting and useful information to your community. I have begun working on improving my monthly reports and am posting them on our library website.

      However, I see the need in my school community to further promote our programs, hence the desire to produce a monthly newsletter. Perhaps I should do pre and post surveys concerning the community’s knowledge of our library programs and see if the time and effort I put into them is worthwhile.

      As always, thank you for your input! You challenge my thinking and encourage me to improve my practice.

  2. Heather Loy Says:

    Newsletters weren’t effective – especially print ones – at my school so I discontinued them. I found it easier to email faculty with information and to post information to the website, Moodle, school newsletter, and flyers around school to notify students and community of events.

    • Fran Bullington Says:

      Thanks for sharing this, Heather. Perhaps others have had the same experience as you and have discontinued newsletters.

      I hope that I will experience more success than you had with your newsletter. I plan on doing both print and electronic copies of it in the beginning. We still have folks on staff who prefer print to reading on the computer; if I can get those teachers used to expecting a monthly newsletter, I may be able to eventually convince them to access them online.

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