Show Your Stuff!

Gloom and Doom

When animals feel threatened, they become defensive and attack.  When school librarians feel threatened, they become__________________.  If I had to fill in the blank based on what I’ve been reading on our state’s listserv, I’d be filling in “negative and whine.”

Yeah.  That’ll protect our jobs.  Let’s just sit back and whine – others will feel sorry for us and not only save our jobs, but pay us double and get us library assistants, and give us unlimited budgets, and, and, and….

Loud and Proud

Instead of feeling defensive, let’s do what some of our colleagues have done and toot that horn, blast that trumpet, raise that roof!

Kelly Knight, librarian at Fork Shoals School in Greenville County, South Carolina, began today what I hope to see as a continuing theme on the SCASL listserv and forums:  a thread entitled “Tooting my own horn.”

In the post, Kelly shared the success she has been experiencing while teaching her 4th graders about blogging. Today the students learned netiquette and began posting comments on the library’s blog.  Next they will tackle book reviews and are revved up and raring to go!

After wading through several negative “gloom and doom” messages, Kelly’s post was like a breath of fresh air.

We are doing AWESOME things in our school libraries.  Let’s share them with not only one another, but also with our school communities.  They’re dying for fresh air, too.


Let’s inspire one another.  Please share one (or more) awesome thing(s) that you are doing in your library in a reply to this post, or in a post of your own (and then share the link to that post here).  And remember to share it with your faculty, administration, parents, and community.

Image “African trumpet‘ by smithadri  is  used through a Creative Commons license

4 Responses to “Show Your Stuff!”

  1. Heather Loy Says:


    Love how the Musketeers think alike. I had written a post “you give what you get” yesterday, but wanted to wait as I wasn’t sure I was going to post it. After today’s listserv thread I just posted it.


  2. Tamara Cox Says:

    One positive thing in my library: Another teacher and I have been asked to teach a district session on using iPods with special ed students after news of our lessons spread around to other schools. Exciting!

  3. Fran Bullington Says:

    Heather – Yep, we are all on the same wavelength here. Instead of bemoaning what the economy is doing to libraries, we need to be shouting how we are still helping our students achieve great things despite the economy and the thinking of little minds.

    Tamara- Yay! When news of what you are doing is not only reaching the ears of others, but is also inspiring them to ask for your help, then you know you are advocating – and it is working.

  4. Nicole Roohi Says:

    By far the most positive thing I’ve done in a very long while is to get students to paint the tops of our wooden computer stools in the library. The applied tech teacher and his students sanded them down, the art teacher supervised her students in the painting work. I did the publicity and boy has it been good. The principal loves it, the PTA loves it, students, teachers and parents are streaming in to see them. Now I’m finally getting backing to do more art in the library and liven up the dreary cinder block motif! You can see the results here:

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