Purchaser on the Prowl

Tracking Book Reviews

Your library may subscribe to several reviewing journals, but why limit yourself to print publications to discover new books that would fly off your shelves?

As you can see from the image, I have a folder in my Google Reader devoted to YA Lit.  I have to admit that the small number (39) of unread posts is unusual; the holiday break has given me time to go through my reader.

I often leave this folder unread for days.  Do I not like YA lit?  Please.  It composes approximately 90% of all of my fiction reading.  So why am I not anxious to discover the jewels (some not so shiny) that these blogs hold?


Fear?  Yes. Fear of reading about a great new book only to forget its title.  If I read the post, it disappears from my reader.  Yes, I can mark it as “unread” and “star” it, but there have been times when I have seen 170 posts in that folder and just deleted them all. (Sorry to those of you whose blogs I subscribe to – it is no reflection of the quality of your posts! No, it is my way of dealing with information overload.)

I have sometimes attempted to make notes of these titles, but these are often forgotten or misplaced.  You see, not only do I read these blog posts at home, but I sometimes read them during my lunch break at work, or while waiting in line at the grocery store.  And, despite what others will tell you, I am not organized.

I need a way to make note of the titles no matter where it is that I am reading reviews.  What is always handy?  Since I am online while reading them, why not use Google Docs to keep track of those I-do-not-want-to-forget titles?  Because this week is offering me the luxury of time, I decided to create a spreadsheet and begin to fill it with some of those titles.

Bookstore Finds

This is not the only mobile solution I have used to record new titles.  Buffy Hamilton first alerted me to the power of Evernote for collection development.  I haunt the local Barnes and Noble (they know me by first name) and hightail it straight for the Teen section when I arrive.  With iPhone in hand, I scour the new books.  When I find one that seems promising, I use the Snapshot feature in Evernote to take a photo of the book cover and place it in my Collection Development notebook right in Evernote.

Follett Library Resources recently released a Titlewave app that is awesome!  Now, when I find promising titles, I can search for them in Titlewave and read reviews right on my iPhone.  I can even add them to a book order on the spot.

What mobile means have you discovered for recording possible book purchases?

5 Responses to “Purchaser on the Prowl”

  1. Tamara Cox Says:

    Just downloaded the Follett app. Totally forgot about reading that it came out. And I’m stealing the Snapshot idea for Evernote. Bookstores and blogs are bittersweet for me too. I wish I had unlimited funds.

  2. Heather Loy Says:

    Prior to the Titlewave app from Follett, I too, used Evernote to snap photos of the books (both for school and personal) that I want to remember or add to my wish lists. Since the Follett app (which is awesome and helps save some time/effort) I only use Evernote for my personal book list wants. Fran, haven’t noticed folks giving me funny looks when I snap a photo at bookstores. I think it is become more common!

  3. Currie Renwick Says:

    Happy New Year, Fran! Great to read your blog as I catch up on my reading….I just need another week to really get on top of things! However, I did appreciate your suggestiohs at keeping book selections in order. I am sticking with the Titlewave app, though I am impressed with your spreadsheet. I know that I could never keep up with that!

    Hope all is going well in Boiling Springs. We are adjusting to life in DC but miss all our friends in SC terribly.

  4. Jennifer Tazerouti Says:

    I am so glad to hear I am not the only librarian going around to Barnes & Noble snapping book pics! I use Evernote too but can’t wait to try the Follett App. Wow! I have gotten some strange looks. Thanks for the post!

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