Video: South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2011-2012

South Carolina YABA 2011-2012 Video

The nominees for the South Carolina Young Adult Book Award for the 2011-2012 school year were announced earlier this month.  To encourage interest in the books, I promote them in a variety of ways:

  • SCASL Book Award Committee Brochure (contains book cover images and blurbs for each book)
  • SCYABA bookmarks (Follett Library Resources generously provides one free set of 50 for each SCASL Conference attendee)
  • bulletin boards
  • book displays
  • booktalks
  • book trailers
  • Animoto video

For the past two years, I have created an Animoto video of the nominees and have shared it here.  (Animoto allows you to upload the video to YouTube, but because YouTube is blocked in most (if not all) of SC schools, I usually share the Animoto link.)

What other ways have you promoted your state award list nominees?

What’s Your Library’s Story?

I just came across this gem today. Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing of the New Jersey State Library,  created this powerful video simply entitled “Sean.”  Powerful.

Libraries as Ghost Towns? Hardly!

Due to the economy, America’s libraries are seeing historical increases in usage.  Now, more than ever, America needs its libraries.  Love that that New York Public Library allowed Improv Everywhere to stage this:

“Everyday Advocacy:  Making a case for libraries is easy with web tools.  Here’s how to get started.” is Carolyn Foote’s most recent post in School Library Journal. Read the article and visit the links she provides to find out how to use free Internet resources to promote your library’s program.

How can we help our communities during the economic crisis?  During a South Carolina Association for School Librarians‘ recent board meeting, President Joe Myers suggested we think about opening our school libraries to the community after school hours.  For those in rural areas where local public libraries may not have branches, those without home access to the Internet would certainly welcome the opportunity to use our computers to assist them in looking for jobs.

What are your advocacy plans for the 2010-2011 school year?

I Am Number Four

Cannot wait until this is released!  The first book in this  new science fiction series  will not be published until August 3, but a movie is already in production (produced by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay).

Read Kelly Jensen’s review at Stacked.

Visit the book’s website.

Search Stories Video Creator

If you have yet to play with this video creator, put it on your “to-do” list for this summer.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (steps, that is).

Step One

What story do you wish to tell?  You will be asked to enter six search terms.

For each search term, you can choose the types of results you wish to show:  web, images, maps, news, blog search, product search, or books.  Once you make a choice you can see a preview of the search.

Step Two:  Choosing Music

Next, you will choose the music you wish to accompany your Search Story.  There are eight categories:  action, comedy, country/western, drama, family, horror, sci fi, and romance.  Within each category, you are given three choices to further personalize your Search Story.

Step Three:  Let Search Story Video Creator do the Rest

Once you have chosen your music, the video creator goes to work.

Finalizing and Uploading Your Search Story

Now you can preview your Search Story and choose to edit any portion of it.  Once you are satisfied, you will be asked to give it a title , description (optional), and category.   Your category choices here are the same as they are for the music.

Now you are ready to upload it to your YouTube account.

Easy – peasy!  How will you use this in your library?

Email Treats

I’ve recently subscribed to two more library related listservs (LM_NET and YALSA-bk) and found some gems from them in my inbox this evening.

I know you shouldn’t wish your life away, but the first gem is a YouTube video for a book coming out this fall.  Gotta get this book!


Another great find was this list of YA series on the ECYA Blog.  What a great site!  Check out the book lists, display ideas, and the Young Adult Authors page.

Publication Date Nearing

Are you a fan of the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness?  The third book in the series, Monsters of Men,  is being published May 3rd – in the UK.  Not sure of the release date here, but Jennifer Rothschild shared on the YALSA-bk listserv that you can order it with free shipping from The Book (direct link to the book).  Have never done business with this site, but for diehard fans of the series, it might be worth checking out.

Book Trailers

If you have yet to discover Book Trailers for All, head on over to the site.  It’s still in its infancy (eight weeks old), but it is brimming with book trailers.

These were just a few of the great tidbits shared through listservs today.  What goodies have you discovered lately?

South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2010-2011

Although the voting for the 2009-2010 award is still a few weeks away, I have been preparing a book order for next year’s nominees which inspired this video.

Book Club Promotion

A great way to promote your book club!

Safely Share YouTube Videos

Filter Frustration

Have you ever found an awesome video on YouTube to share with your students only to have the school’s internet filtering software prevent it? Zamzar, a file conversion site, has long  been my “go-to” source to bypass the filtering frustration.  However, using Zamzar is not an instant fix for the problem; if I am at school when I wish to convert the video, I have to override the filter, and then several minutes can lapse between submitting the YouTube URL and downloading the converted video.

So today as I was going through this week’s shared bookmarks in my Classroom 2.0 group on Diigo, I found this gem shared by Judy Robinson that I can’t wait to try at school on Monday.  It promises to be a much quicker fix for filter frustration.

“Not only does SafeShare.TV remove distracting and offensive elements around YouTube videos, but it also allows you to crop videos before sharing them.”

To test the service, I went to my YouTube account and found a newly saved video in my Book Trailer Playlist.  I pasted the URL into the box on SafeShare.TV and was quickly rewarded with a new URL that does not reflect the book trailer’s origin (YouTube), prompting me to hope that this URL will not be blocked by my school district’s filter.

Above is a screenshot of the video on YouTube.  Compare that with the screen shot to the right of the same video as it appears in SafeShare.TV’s newly generated URL. Click on the link below to see the video in its new home.

Video Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that this will work at school!

What do you do to bypass the filtering software at your school to provide awesome educational content that is blocked for your students?

Screenshot URLs:



South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominees 2009-2010

I’ve been reading some of these titles this summer and wanted to introduce them to the students in a way that would grab their interest.  I hope this Animoto video does it!