Maximum Marketing

While researching for my “Ramp up Reading with Technology” sessions at the 2011 Upstate Technology Conference (Greenville, South Carolina), I stumbled across two free iPhone apps for YA lit:  the Maximum Ride Fang and the Maximum Ride Angel apps.

I excitedly installed the Fang app on my phone (I am such a geek!), considering the marketing possibilities that mobile devices offer for publishing companies and authors.  With the Fang app, you can quiz yourself:  “Who’s Your Flock Mate?” and take a photo of yourself with Max and Fang.  (Tried the photo with Fang – not very good quality unfortunately.)

With the Angel app, you can quiz yourself:  “How Max Are You?” and read the first 21 chapters of the book.  You also get a sneak preview of the audiobook.

With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, I’m surprised that publishers haven’t put more focus into developing free apps for YA series.  Seems this would be a promising playground for book promotion.    

What’s Your Library’s Story?

I just came across this gem today. Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing of the New Jersey State Library,  created this powerful video simply entitled “Sean.”  Powerful.

Free Gale Marketing Tools

The South Carolina State Library provides all South Carolina citizens with an awesome collection of databases, known as SC DISCUS, and Gale Cengage Learning offers librarians a way to promote them.

Visit Gale’s “Power to the User” page to order copies of the poster shown above as well as bookmarks, posters, tent cards,  and stickers for several  SC DISCUS databases.  Have them ready to issue to teachers and students at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year to rev up research!

SCASL Conference: Session One M & M’s: Motivating and Marketing for Students in the Media Center

This week, I attended the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) Conference in Columbia, South Carolina.  There were so many wonderful sessions that at times it was difficult to choose which one to attend. 

Ann Hawthorne of Wright Middle School in Abbeville presented at the first session I attended. She creates delightful displays in her media center for just pennies and shared her tricks with us – including “drive by shopping.”  She cruises the backs of stores such as Walgreen’s, CVS, Eckerd’s, and Walmart to see what they are throwing away and if she discovers treasures she can use, asks if she can take the merchandise.  She never passes up a thrift store which she enters with an open mind.  She has purchased numerous stuffed animals to use in her displays.  My favorite was a huge stuffed banana which sits on her shelves with a sign that reads “Books are appealing.”

Anne also shops at dollar stores and finds treasures such as book stands.  My favorite of her dollar store finds and ideas was one she just got:  three little chicks for $1.00.  She will use these in a display dealing with a media specialist’s “peeps” – authors.  I can’t wait to play with this idea!

Another source of merchandise for her displays is, of all places, a funeral home.  One of her former students is a funeral director who gives her beautiful plants that families have left behind. 

Ann’s presentation was just as delightful as she is and I came away with many great ideas to brighten up my book display areas.