I Want One of Those!

Okay, I am a product of the 1950’s, so I have been around quite awhile.  I’m now working on my second Master’s degree (this one in Library and Information Science) so have listened to thousands of lectures and taken countless pages of notes.  Now, a company is coming out with something that I could have used 30+ years ago, but thankfully will be able to use as I continue on this degree. 


The Smart Pen will be awesome.  Take a peek at what it will be capable of doing.

Livescribe has an innovative idea.  Let’s hope that the theory becomes the application they promise.


One Response to “I Want One of Those!”

  1. John Woodring Says:

    This could be better than the Fly Pen or whatever they are calling it now days. I will be looking out for this to see what it can truly do.

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